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There are two ways to replace your windows, two types of installation: retrofitting and full frame replacement (they also call it "brick-to-brick" installation).





Inside view

With retrofit windows replacement:


  • The old panes, frames and sashes are removed, leaving only the existing jambs (the part that the molding is attached to) still nailed into the house studs.

  • The existing interior casing and exterior brickmould are not replaced.

  • A new window and its frame is inserted into the old jambs. Thus, the new window is slightly smaller than the original one, and the glass area is going to be a little smaller accordingly.

  • The gap between the existing jambs and the new window is filled with foam and caulked on the inside.

  • On the outside the old brickmould is capped with aluminum and caulked.


Since none of the interior trim is touched and exterior brickmould is still intact, it's much faster and requires less labor and materials than doing a full frame replacement.

Outside view

Full Frame Replacement

Inside view

For full frame replacement we replace the entire window system including interior casing, jambs and exterior brickmould.


  • Your old window jambs are held into the house framing by a few screws and some wooden shims.

  • The installer removes all the moldings on the inside and removes the screws and shims to free the window frame from the house.

  • On the outside, he removes all the caulking and the old brickmould to free the window frame away from the opening.

  • He then removes the entire old window, all as a single unit.

  • Inserts the replacement window assembled with new jamb extensions and exterior brickmould, shims, levels and secures it in place.

  • Applies the foam in the air gaps, caulks the brickmould on the outside.

  • Installs new interior casing on the inside.

Outside view

We offer three types of interior finish:


- Vinyl package: vinyl jambs and vinyl casing with corner rosettes
- Wood package: wood jambs and casing, with or without rosettes

- Combo package: solid vinyl jambs with wood casing

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